We are a biotechnology company committed to help address serious infectious diseases globally through the discovery, development, and delivery of innovative vaccines to patients around the world.

Our mission

We never rest in our quest to protect the health of people everywhere.

Novavax is here to make a difference. We’re a biotech company focused solely on developing life-saving vaccines to fight infectious diseases.

What sets us apart? Solid science tested by decades of research. Vaccines developed from trusted technology that are both safe and efficacious.

And a global network that will help ensure our vaccines reach everyone who needs them.

Our partners & collaborations

How we’re different:

The power & speed of nanoparticle technology

Our vaccine technology combines power and speed with the immunogenicity-enhancing properties of our Matrix-M™ adjuvant to efficiently produce highly immunogenic particles targeting some of the most pressing viral infectious diseases.

Our pipeline is more important than ever

Novavax has demonstrated its ability to produce viable, promising vaccine candidates for emerging infectious diseases.

A commitment to vaccine development

Our scientists are committed to developing vaccine candidates for some of the world’s toughest viral threats by utilizing the power of our innovative recombinant protein-based nanoparticle vaccine platform.

Leaders with deep experience

Our team is composed of experts in drug development who understand science, technology, medicine, and their global context. Our deeply experienced team is unified in the quest to help reduce the burden of infectious disease around the globe.

Our people & culture

Our team is experienced, compassionate, and focused on the future of vaccine development. While growing rapidly, we maintain that small company culture.

Our leadership

We are committed to creating a vision for the future while overseeing continued growth and success.


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Request for proposal (RFP)

As part of our company’s initiatives, Novavax announces projects that are open for competitive bidding.

At the moment, Novavax is not currently seeking project proposals. Please continue to check this section for updates.