Celebrating the Impact of Pharmacists in Their Communities

This season Novavax is proud to celebrate the invaluable contributions of pharmacists. We recognize the vital role pharmacists and their teams play in communities around the world promoting public health and wellness, and we want to say Thank You for your commitment. 

We are indebted to these healthcare professionals who represent the front lines of patient care and provide a number of essential services. 

  • As highly trained medication experts, pharmacists counsel patients on treatment options and ensure that they receive the right medications at the right doses, minimizing the risk of medication errors and adverse reactions. 
  • As educators, pharmacists make healthcare more accessible and understandable to empower consumers in shared decision-making with their healthcare providers.  A great example of this is what we are seeing as the COVID-19 season picks up in the U.S. Pharmacists have been playing an important role helping patients understand the multiple vaccine technology platforms they have to choose from.
  • As advocates, pharmacists help provide guidance on medication costs and insurance coverage to help people find the best ways to access important medicines.

Perhaps pharmacists have never been more essential to our health and well-being as they have been over the past three years,  working tirelessly to ensure access to vaccines in communities everywhere. 

From all of us at Novavax, please join us in celebrating pharmacists and honoring their tireless dedication to advancing patient access to vaccines and protecting public health in the communities they serve.

Silvia Taylor of Novavax
Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs and Advocacy Officer
Novavax, Inc