Honoring the power and potential of life-saving vaccines

In April, we commemorate World Immunization Week (April 24-30). This week plays a key role when it comes to highlighting the collective efforts required to help protect our communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

One of our main priorities is to make sure that Novavax is contributing to efforts that will support global public health and broaden access to potentially life-saving care, especially vaccines. 

As a company, we are committed to the development and delivery of vaccines that can help prevent serious illness. We feel honored that our company plays a part in protecting the health of people around the world, through strategic partnerships, disease awareness and education and advocacy for access.  But no one organization – and certainly not one biotech company – can succeed on its own. 

Partnerships are critical to ensuring that global public health and access to care is available to all who need it, no matter where they live. That’s why, for example, we partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute in the use of our unique Matrix-MTM technology for their public health-focused vaccine research efforts.  We have also worked closely with Oxford University and the Serum Institute of India to include Novavax’s proprietary Matrix-M adjuvant in a malaria vaccine that has the potential to save millions of children’s lives. 

We work closely with organizations like Healthy Women, Men’s Health Network, Vaccinate Your Family and BlackDoctor.org, among many others, to promote equal access to COVID vaccine options by equipping the population with information that helps them make informed decisions that can help protect their communities. 

These are only some of the partnerships we have underway, with more to come. 

There is still a long road ahead to ensuring people everywhere have access to quality healthcare services and lifesaving treatments. 

As we commemorate World Immunization Week, let's allow ourselves to reflect and acknowledge how vaccines have been helping protect our communities from serious illness for decades and think about what actions we can take to broaden access for those who need it most.  We thank our SuperNovas and partners around the world for the role you play. 

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Thanks to vaccines, immunization currently prevents 3.5 - 5 million deaths every year from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza and measles, yet there's far more to do. We must continue working together to develop and work to ensure access to life-saving vaccines, with diverse options available to all who choose to protect themselves. This World Immunization Week, let's celebrate this astounding progress and the breakthroughs just over the horizon to help children and their families live healthier lives. 
Olivia Chua
General Manager, Commercial Operations, Asia Pacific

Vaccines continue to be among the least costly and most effective ways to protect yourself, your family and your community against preventable diseases. We're working together with pharmacies, healthcare providers, government agencies and non-profits to build on tremendous progress and ensure access and options for all, here in the US and worldwide.
Frank Czworka
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Americas

Frank Czworka
seth toback

World Immunization Week reminds us of the power of vaccines to save lives and protect individuals and communities against serious disease. As a pediatrician, I've seen both the triumph of immunization and the tragedy when vaccines are missed. Today, I'm proud to work in an industry and with my Novavax colleagues who are dedicated to protecting health through vaccines. Vaccines work.
Seth Toback, MD, MMM
Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs  

This week reaffirms the importance of immunization in preventing diseases and protecting life. As recognized by the WHO and EU, vaccines have and continue to play an important role in the fight against preventable diseases. I am proud to work at Novavax on our life-saving mission, including to address access to a diverse vaccine offer for all members of society, especially those most vulnerable.
Alvar Paz
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Europe 

Alvar Paz