Advocating for Vaccine Access

As a leading global biotechnology company, it is our responsibility to advocate for underserved communities around the world and empower patients to make informed health decisions. We do this by partnering with health organizations committed to improving global health through vaccine awareness. These partnerships allow us to proactively reach into communities with unmet health needs and build the support systems necessary to prevent consumers from becoming patients.

Our advocacy commitment

Novavax is committed to enhancing vaccine confidence by advocating on behalf of consumers to help ensure all communities have equal access to vaccines, resources, and education. 

We work with organizations committed to improving public health and create a support system of collective knowledge to empower consumers in the ongoing journey toward disease immunity.

Advocacy in Action

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Our advocacy partners

We partner with leading health, government and educational organizations and proudly support all of our advocacy partners as corporate members through educational grants and sponsorships. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and do not indicate an endorsement of Novavax or its vaccine.

Our ESG approach

At its core, Novavax is committed to improving global public health. We focus our sustainability impact on four strategic pillars which guide our efforts to make a positive impact in global health and operate in an environmentally sustainable and inclusive manner.

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