Novavax in the News

Novavax in the News

Contagion 4/10/18 Novavax Presents Data on Trials for Improved Flu Vaccine and Candidate for First RSV Vaccine

Washington Business Journal 1/23/18 Novavax’s Share Price Just Jumped Again. Here’s Why.

ABC 7 News 1/8/18 Life-Saving Innovations on Display at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Drug Discovery News 10/12/17 Nano vs. flu

Scrip 7/25/16 Case Studies: How Three Public Companies Financed R&D In A Tough Market

WHAG 7/18/16 Gov. Hogan visits Montgomery County business

Bloomberg 6/30/16 Why Drug Companies Want to Sell Vaccines to Pregnant Women

FiercePharma 5/31/16 Novavax RSV vaccine for older adults gets fast-tracked

Washington Business Journal 5/26/16 Novavax gains FDA fast track as it ramps up late-stage RSV vaccine studies

Pharmaceutical Executive 3/7/16 Vaccines 2016: Big Bets for Global Threats

Fierce Vaccines 12/8/15 Novavax takes RSV vaccine into Phase III ahead of schedule

Fierce Vaccines 11/11/15 Novavax kicks off PhIII trial for its RSV vaccine

CNN 10/23/15 A new way to protect babies from pneumonia

Forbes 9/29/15 Gates Foundation Backs New Shot To Prevent Babies From Dying of Pneumonia

Reuters 9/29/15 Novavax RSV vaccine found safe for pregnant women, fetus

Fierce Biotech 9/29/30 With promising RSV data in hand, Novavax wins $89M Gates grant for PhIII

Genetic Engineering News 9/29/15 Novavax Wins Up-to-$89M Gates Foundation Grant for RSV F Vaccine

Washington Business Journal 9/29/15 Gaithersburg biotech receives grant worth up to $89 million grant from Gates Foundation

NPR’s BioTech Nation 9/11/15 Episode 15-36: The RSV Vaccine

Vaccine News Daily 9/4/15 Novavax’s RSV vaccine for seniors shows promise in Phase Two trials

Fierce Vaccines 8/12/15 Novavax reports positive top-line data from PhII trial of RSV vaccine

CNBC 8/11/15 New vaccine shows promise for NVAX

PharmaTimes 8/11/15 Novavax jab first to protect against RSV

Reuters 8/10/15 Novavax’s vaccine first to protect against common respiratory virus

Associated Press 8/10/15 Novavax: Early Study Indicates Its Vaccine Effective Vs. RSV

Bloomberg 8/10/15 Novavax Vaccine Helps Elderly Avoid Respiratory Virus

Reuters 8/10/15 Novavax hopes to crack elusive vaccine for common respiratory virus

Pharmaceutical Business Review 8/3/15 Novavax reports positive Phase II trial results of quadrivalent seasonal influenza VLP vaccine

FierceVaccines 8/3/15 Novavax reports PhII success for quadrivalent seasonal flu vax

FierceVaccines 7/22/15 Novavax’s Ebola vaccine shows promise in PhI

CNBC 7/21/15 Novavax rises on promising Ebola vaccine trial

Bloomberg 7/21/15 Novavax Ebola Vaccine Shows Human Immune Response in Early Trial

Reuters 7/21/15 - Novavax’s Ebola vaccine shows promise in early-stage trial

Washington Business Journal 6/4/15 - Gaithersburg biotech expands into new research facility, preps for last phase of drug trials

Nature 4/29/15 - Public health:  Behind a vaccine

Fierce Vaccines 2/18/15 - Novavax’ Ebola vaccine is in hot pursuit of GSK, Merck, J&J candidates

Barron’s 2/17/15 - Novavax Boosted by Ebola Vaccine Data

CIDRAP 2/13/15 - Human trial of 4th Ebola vaccine launches in Australia

Washington Business Journal 2/13/15 - Companies pushing Ebola vaccines through trials won’t let up, says Novavax CEO

Vaccine News Daily 2/13/15 - Novavax begins Ebola vaccine Phase 1 clinical trial

BioSpectrum 2/13/15 - Novavax begins human trial of Ebola vaccine

CBC News 2/12/15 - Novavax starts Ebola vaccine trial in humans

Washington Business Journal 2/12/15 - Gaithersburg’s Novavax begins Phase 1 Ebola vaccine trials

Reuters 2/12/15 - Novavax starts Ebola vaccine trial in humans

BioSpectrum Asia 1/25/15 - Trends and Responses 2015:  Novavax


Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology 12/14/14 - War on Disease

Pharmaceutical Business Review 11/21/14 - Novavax’ RSV F-protein nanoparticle vaccine gets FDA fast track status

Vaccine News Daily 11/20/14 - Novavax clinical trial to evaluate new flu vaccine

Pharmaceutical Business Review 11/18/14 - Novavax starts patient enrollment in Phase II trial of quadrivalent seasonal influenza VLP

Drug Discovery News 11/5/14 - Novavax RSV vaccine found effective in baboons

Vaccine News Daily 11/11/14 - Novavax tests RSV vaccine for children

Gaithersburg Town Courier 11/6/14 - Ebola Vaccine in the Works at Novavax

Fierce Vaccines 10/30/14 - Ebola update:  Novavax testing nanoparticle jab, Glaxo gets EMA’s advice

Fierce Vaccines 10/30/14 - Novavax nabs FDA fast-track tag as search for H7N9 vaccine continues

Washington Post 10/28/14 - Gaithersburg-based Novavax developing vaccine to prevent spread of Ebola

Forbes 10/28/14 - In Ebola Crisis, New Vaccine Candidates Show Uncertain Promise

Drug Discovery News 10/21/14 - Novavax RSV F-protein nanoparticle vaccine induces antigenic site II antibodies


The New England Journal of Medicine 11/13/13 - A Recombinant Viruslike Particle Influenza A (H7N9) Vaccine


Deloitte Fast 500 12/11/12 -  Novavax Ranks #129 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™

FierceVaccines 10/22/12 - Novavax reports positive avian flu vaccine results

Bloomberg 10/18/12 - Novavax Stock Rises on Success of Bird Flu Vaccine Trials

Reuters/CNBC 7/24/12 - Novavax experimental influenza vaccine meets main goal of study

GlobalData 7/23/12 - Novavax Partners to Produce Vaccines for Low-Income Countries

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 7/18/12 - Protecting Newborns from RSV by Immunizing Moms-to-Be

FierceVaccines 7/16/12 - Novavax teams up to fight malaria